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G’day, I’m Jack Harmer


I write some fantasy thriller romances along with short essays about the tiny details that we should all try to include in the books and stories we write.




Here’s a bit about me from several years back

I spent 63 years slaving at the coalface of the CPA profession. I owned my own practice for over 50 years of that. I learned how to do what others needed me to do for them. Much of that was making up stories that would allow me to explain dry as dust accounting and business stuff to clients that didn’t really want to know the technicals. Some of it possibly was a bit creative but explaining to a new business owner that he or she had to somehow change their mindset if they wanted to succeed was no easy task. Nor was explaining to a client that they needed to buy the business before they should ever invest in improvements.

As well as providing numbers and little explanations to banks and government agencies so they could fill out the myriad forms that somehow occupied their time as it shaped their futures.

Cynical? Me? Not much.

All riveting stuff. Not.

Then Things Changed

I’d pretty much retired from doing all that when Mother Nature flexed her muscles and dumped our entire world into the Covid Pandemic. Or, if you’re a conspiracy theorist it was a b a bunch of scientists lost control of the experiment they were working on. I remember that for me that the  Covid Pandemic was a time of great stress for everyone. No, I didn’t get it then but I did get it a couple of years later. And it was definitely not something that I ever want to get again.

Where I live the powers that be at the time decided that we were all incapable of making rational decisions for ourselves. That the best way to combat Covid was to lock everyone down. So I, and millions of others spent months in home detention. Which is where and when the stress really kicked in. And I do mean kicked. I hated it. Not being allowed to even go outside of my front door. For months on end.

But eventually I started to think about ways that I could occupy myself. I started by constructing a few wooden model kits that I had somehow, at some time, purchased with the intention of putting them together. That worked until I had the models assembled but since I couldn’t go about and get any more I was screwed. So I had to look for something else to do.

So Now We Have My Reinvented Me

During my working years I’d written countless reports and letters so I knew that I could write things. More, I could make things up that I could write about. I love to read and thought that I could write some stories that were as good as the next bloke’s. Or gal’s.

So I took myself out to my study or office or whatever you want to call it.It’s not a man cave since I don’t have a bar or a pool table in it. And only one chair. Although I d0 have a TV.

But I do have a laptop and a writing program. So I sat down and typed stories. Lots of stories. Then spent quite a few dollars getting covers printed for the stories that I had written.

My next step was to publish about 5 of my stories.

All of them sank without a trace. Not even a bit of flotsam or jetsam.

Which was a bitter disappointment for me of course. So I closed my writing program and told myself bugger it. I’ll find something else to do.

But the writing bug had got hold of me properly. I couldn’t stop thinking about writing better stories.

Since then I spend hours every day researching all sorts of obscure things that could help me write better stories.

And they have got better. Some are out there now under different pen-names and I do get some sales. But more to the point, my constant and consistent research for the minutiae of writing has given me a rich understanding of what is needed to write a good story. One that will keep m readers turning the pages.

It has also taught me that while there are literally thousands of different genres and sub-genres of stories that i could try to write, I really love reading and writing fantasy thrillers with a bit of romance in them best.

So that’s what I write these days.

This Next Bit Is For You If You Need It

I intend to share what I’ve learned about the tiny details that makes a good story become a great one. I’ll do that by writing and posting regular short essays here on my website. Please visit regularly to read them.

I’ll also be publishing a very short newsletter. And I do mean short. I’ll be calling it the 1-Minute newsletter. One minute because it will only provide links to my short essays here. So when you sign up and subscribe you can make up our own mind whether you want to take the time to read my full essay here or not. That choice will be yours.

If you have questions or comments you can either add them to my posted essays if you think that others will enjoy reading what you have to say.

Or you can send me a message through my Contact Us page here


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